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A Cross-Curricular lesson plan for Reviewing material, based on the game Jeopardy


Social Studies, Other  



Lesson: Review By playing the game show called Jeopardy.

   Subjects: All
by:  Lewis Bradley

Materials: Chalkboard, chalk, 30 pieces of white paper, markers, score keeper, the theme song to Jeopardy is optinal, if you use the theme song than you will need a tape player.

Objective: To review the uni or chapter that you just finished.

How To Play:

1. Pick out Five catergories and write the title of each catergory on a sheet of white piece of paper using a maker.

2. Make out a list of questions for each catergory and each question should have its own point valuve from 100-500.

3. You can write out each question on the chalk board or type them out and have them covered up with a piece of paper with the point value covering up the question or answer’

4. Divide the class into two teams and start playing.

5. You can have students just give an answer or have them form a question.

6. You can play doube Jeopardy if time permits and you can add final Jeopardy.

7. The students will like this alot. You can adjust the game to fit your own classroom needs. It will work with any subject matter.

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