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Here student “Sports Illustrated” reporters tour the U.S. and its National Parks following their team


Art, Computers & Internet, Language Arts, Math, Social Studies  



Title – Oak View Football League
By – Scott Jamison
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects – Math, Art, Language Arts, Computers / Internet
Grade Level – 7th

Welcome to the Oak View Football League. You are a reporter for “Sports Illustrated”. Your assignment is to travel with an N.F.L. team and complete a “weekly game information sheet” for each game. You will follow your team’s N.F.L. schedule. When your team has a home game, you will travel to a national park assigned to your conference, either N.F.C. or A.F.C. If you have a “bye” week, (no game) you will also travel to a national park. Upon arrival at the national park, you will research the questions in item #9. When you have a home game AND travel to a national park, you are required to write an article on the National Park. At the conclusion of the season, you will be required to turn in the following information:

      A. Weekly game information sheets: Items 1-9 below

      B. Completed map (requirements below)

    C. Final article reflecting on season

Grading — 100 points total

      50 pts: Weekly game sheets

      15 pts: Map

      15 pts: Final article

      15 pts: Neatness & Organization

    5 pts:   Decorated folder

Weekly Game Information Format

      1.  Directions: Highways traveled from city to city (specific format to be used; must show inches converted to miles).

      2.  Total miles traveled: Write the scale used – miles traveled.

      3.  Absolute location: List the city and state you are traveling to, AND the coordinate (latitude/longitude) for the city.

      4.  Cost of trip: Use the following figures for this exercise: car gets 28 miles per gallon; gas cost is $2.25 per gallon (show your math).

      5.  Travel time: average speed – 65 m.p.h. (show your math).

      6.  States traveled through: List the states in the order that you travel through them. *Include the capital city for each state.

      7.  Game result: Score of game. List the winning team first.

      8.  Weekly article: Write a sports article about your game, or a National Park article, as required in instructions above.

        8A. Sports Article: must include the teams, date and location of game played, score and weather report, (high & low temp., plus forecast). Include additional information as you wish. Be creative; do not simply restate the facts.

        8B. National Park Article: include items A-E in topic #9 below

      9. Park Information: (Name of Park)

        A. Relative location: (describe where the park is located within the state)

        B. Area of park: (square miles or acres)

        C. Year established:

        D Outstanding physical feature:

      E Interesting fact:

Map requirements:

      1.  Label states: Use “2 letter” state abbreviation. Write in black ink! Use a black ink pen, not a felt marker

      2.  Locate and label ALL team and National Park cities

        A.  N.F.L. team city — blue dot (If the N.F.L. city is also a state capital city, draw a red circle around the blue dot)

      B.  National Park city — green dot Write the city name AND the national park name

    3. Key: Use the information in #2

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