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An immigrant group’s “culture capsule” is created in this multidisciplinary lesson


Art, Language Arts, Math, Social Studies  



Title – American Immigration
By – Scott Jamison
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects – Math, Art, Language Arts
Grade Level – 7th

Group Activities:

      1. Research a particular ethnic group that has migrated to the United States.

    2. Create a “culture capsule” containing artifacts and information pertaining to a particular immigrant group.

Research Questions

      1. Immigrant group:

      2. Gateway City: Identify and describe the Gateway City for your immigrant group.

      3. When did this group of people first arrive in the United States?

      4. Identify and describe the push/pull factors that brought about the migration?

      5. Determine whether the migration was either, chain migration and/or channelized

      migration. Describe the characteristics associated with the migration type.

      6. What is the current population of this immigrant group within the United States?

      7. Where do the majority of these people live? (States or region of the U.S.)

      8. List AND describe the laws that directly targeted your immigrant group.

      9. What issues, (problems/conflicts) exist between the immigrant population and the American born population?

      10. What has this ethnic group contributed to American culture? (Food, music, dance, clothing, art, science, inventions, holidays, etc.) Give specific examples.

      11. Ellis Island: Write an extended response describing the history and significance of Ellis Island to your immigrant group.

Culture Capsule

      *Items #2-8 below AND the “Research Questions” must be displayed inside the box. Decorate the shoebox in a manner that reflects the immigrant’s home country.
      1. Flag of immigrant’s home country. (Displayed on the outside, top cover of shoebox)

      2. Map of the immigrant group’s home country. Identify the location/area within the home country where the majority of your emigrant group migrated from.

      3. U.S. map showing the locations where large communities of these people live today. (Label states or regions on map and shade the area in gray.)

      4. Drawing, picture, or model of Ellis Island AND an extended response describing the history and significance of Ellis Island to American immigration.

      5. Bar graph comparing the current numeric population of your immigration group to the current United States population.

      6. Circle graph illustrating the % of the immigrant’s population in relationship to the U.S. total population

      7. Illustrations or pictures that represent events or laws that have affected this group

    8. Examples of this group’s contributions to American culture (i.e., customs, holidays, beliefs, foods, music, clothing, etc.) Use pictures, drawings, artifacts, etc. to illustrate these.


      Research questions: 60 pts.

    Culture capsule: 40 pts.

Individual Activity

      1. Describe 3 similarities and 3 differences between your culture and the culture of the ethnic group you researched. (Do not simply list the similarities and differences)
    2. Why is it important to understand other people’s cultural heritage? (Use information from your research and include your own opinion on this issue)

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