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This multidisciplinary vacation lesson exercises math problem solving, art, literary, and map skills


Art, Language Arts, Math, Social Studies  


3, 4  

Title – We’re Going on Vacation
By – Misty Wright
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects – Math, Art, Language Arts
Grade Level – 3-4
Teaching Strategy: Whole and small group
Time required: 60 minutes

1.  Concept: Planning and using maps

2.  Alabama Course of Study Correlation:

    #1 Extend their development of map and globe skills.

3.  Behavioral Objectives:

      TSWBAT use map skills.

    TSWBAT explain their reasons for buying particular items and other plans.

4.  Materials:

    Chart paper, calculators, maps, worksheet (where students can record what they will buy, where they are going, and how many miles they are traveling), and a large map for whole group purposes.

5.  Teaching Procedures:

      A.  Motivation – Has anyone ever gone on vacation? Do you think it takes a lot of planning? What do you take along with you? Today we’re going to plan a vacation! (As a class, we will vote on a place to visit)
      B.  Instructional Procedures – As a class, generate a list of items that will be needed on the trip. Estimate how much each item will cost, and chart this information on a piece of chart paper. Set a budget. Briefly review how to find distance on a map. Give students the worksheet, and let them work in groups of two. Each pair must chose items they will take on their vacation. Tell them they must explain in detail why they chose the items they chose. In addition, students must give the approximate distance in miles that they will travel. Allow students to check their math with a calculator after they are finished. Have groups share their worksheets. During share time, ask the groups specific questions about what they chose. (Is this logical? Are you going to have enough food and gas?)
    C.  Closure – Review the concepts we have used (estimation, map skills, problem solving, cooperation). As a group, introduce they concept of “a mile and minute” and calculate the time it will take to reach the destination. Have students research the vacation site chosen. Have students make a post card (to be sent) describing how much fun they are having!!!

6.  Evaluation – I will evaluate the students by how well they perform on the worksheet.

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