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A Native American lesson on Indian Chiefs that uses Venn Diagrams


Language Arts, Math, Social Studies  


5, 6  


Title – Indian Chiefs
By – Tricia Moskal
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects – Math, Language Arts
Grade Level – 5-6
Unit Title: Native Americans
Lesson Title: Indian Chiefs
State Objective: 16.D.2b – Describe the ways in which participation in the westward movement affected families and communities.
Multiple Intelligence Mode: Math – Logic
Integrated Curriculum: Reading, writing
Lesson Objective: 1. The student will be able to show similarities and differences between two Native American Indian chiefs using a Venn diagram
2. By working in groups on the Venn diagram worksheet (simply create a worksheet with two intersecting circles and “Chief _________” on one side and “Chief ________” on the other circle)
3. With at least five correct items in each section of the diagram.
Materials and Resources Checklist: Native American Territory Transparency
Indian Chiefs handout
Book – Indian Chiefs by Russell Freedman
Venn Diagram Transparency
Venn Diagram Worksheet (simply create a worksheet with two intersecting circles and “Chief _________” on one side and “Chief ________” on the other circle)

Motivation/Background: I will begin by asking the students if they can tell me what role Indian chiefs played during the time of European colonization. Then, I will ask them if they can name any Indian chiefs from the top of their head.

Clear/Detailed Instruction: 1. After discussing the introduction questions with the class, I will distribute the Indian Chiefs handouts to each student. We will read these handouts while following along on the Native American Territory map displayed on the overhead. I will point to the different regions that certain Indian chiefs fought in.
2. The students will read about each Indian chief listed on their handout and will be told that they are going to compare the similarities and differences between two of them.
3. I will show them the Venn diagram transparency and explain how we use them to compare two things.
3. The students will be placed in four groups and will receive a a Venn diagram worksheet with two Indian chiefs they will compare. They may use the book, Indian Chiefs as a reference for additional information, if needed.

Guided Practice: 1. On the board, I will draw a Venn diagram and illustrate an example using a comparison between a teepee and an igloo.
2. The class will give me a thumbs up or down to let me know that they understand the assignment.
Check for Understanding: I will ask the students to give me an example of one comparison using their assigned Indian chiefs from the worksheet.

Team Practice: The students will work together as a group and share ideas to complete the Venn diagram worksheet.
Check for Understanding: While working in groups, I will walk around to make sure everyone is correctly working together on the assignment.

Independent Assignment: After working in groups, the students will complete a Venn diagram worksheet at home by comparing an Indian chief of their choice with a leader from the present time (ex: president, senator, mayor etc.)
Adaptations for Individual Needs: I will help them begin the Venn diagram homework assignment by giving them ideas for their categories and give one example to start them off.

Reinforcement: I will reinforce the students by asking them if they are having difficulties with the group assignment. I will ask them to give me some feedback about their progress.

Assessment Procedures: The students will be assessed upon listing at least five correct items in each section of the Venn diagram group worksheet.

Lesson Closure: After the students complete the group assignment, each group will read their responses to the rest of the class. We will hold a discussion about whether or not the class agrees with all the answers. The class will briefly explain the role of Indian chiefs in colonial times by answering the introduction questions again.

Student Reflection Activity: The students will be asked if they have any suggestions about the group assignment they worked on today. I will ask them if they had any difficulties with the lesson and if so, how can it be improved for future lessons.

Adaptations for Higher Needs: These students will be allowed to choose any topic we have learned so far and either write a report, create some sort of artistic expression of Native American culture or give an oral presentation of a folktale they read (all projects must be approved before they begin.)
Adaptations for Lower Needs: These students will need to list at least four correct items in each section of the Venn diagram worksheet.

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