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This first part is on Pilot Jobs and Vocabulary


Art, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies  


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Title – Aviation Lesson #1
By – Audrey Pruitt
Subject – Math, Science, Social Studies, Art, Language Arts
Grade Level – 1-3

— To develop an understanding about pilots and their jobs
— To teach word sorting and categorizing in order to better develop vocabulary skills’
— To develop a KWL chart to increase comprehension
— To increase vocabulary

— Pilots Fly Planes by Fay Robinson
— Word sort flash cards with words from the book
— Chart paper or board for KWL chart
— Markers/chalk, etc.

— We will talk about pilots and fill out the KWL chart about what we know about pilots and their jobs.
— Next we will discuss what we want to know about pilots and their jobs and write that on our chart.
— Then we will read the book Pilots Fly Planes.
— After we read the book we will talk more about pilots and their jobs and we will fill in what we learned about them.
— Next we will use vocabulary from the book to do a word sorting activity.
— The word sorting activity involves picking out words from the book and writing them on cards. Each child or group of children will need a set of cards.
— Once the cards are made and you are ready to use them, go over all of the words with the students to make sure that they understand each one and its meaning.
— When the students are clear on the meanings, ask them to sort the words according to one of the following: beginning letter or sound, long vowel/short vowel, noun, verb, etc. Do this a couple of times, using different directions.
— When the students are able to do this with ease then allow them time to sort the words according to their own categories. They do not have to use all of the cards in their pile, but they may if they decide to. They must be able to explain their groupings.

— The children will be assessed on their participation in filling out the KWL chart. One point for little participation, two points for some, and three for several contributions.
— They will also be assessed on their ability to group words according to the directions given. Since this is not the first time they have used word sorts they should be able to do it with out too much of a problem. One point for little participation, two points for some participation and three points for good participation.

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