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The second lesson is on Measurement, Graphing, and Creating Art for their plane


Art, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies  


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Title – Aviation Lesson #2
By – Audrey Pruitt
Subject – Math, Science, Social Studies, Art, Language Arts
Grade Level – 1-3
— To work on measurement
— To work on graphing
— To create a work of art on their airplane

Subject Area(s): social studies, math, art

— Paper for airplanes
— Measuring tapes
— Graph paper
— Paper for recording measurements
— Pencils
— The Paper Airplane Book by Seymour Simon
— Paperclips
— Hallway or gym
— Art supplies for decoration
— Grading rubric

— Since the students have been studying airplanes and have read and listened to several books on airplanes they should have some ideas about what makes a good airplanes.
— We have looked through the book The Paper Airplane Book as a class and they have had a chance to look through it on their own.
— The students were told at the beginning of this unit that we would be having a paper airplane flight event so they have been working on construction ideas for their planes. They were also given the rules and a grading rubric (see attached).
— In order to make this fair, everyone will be given the same size, shape and color of paper, as well as 4 paperclips for the flight contest. They will be given 20 minutes to construct their plane using only these items.
— They may cut and/or color their plane as they chose.
— The hallway will serve as our landing strip for the event. Each child will be given one test flight on the landing strip.
— Each child will throw their plane on the landing strip. As each plane is thrown someone will measure the distance and record it for graphing purposes.
— When the entire class has had a chance to throw their planes then we will go back to the classroom.
— Once in the classroom we will compile the flight lengths into a table.
— The students will have to decide in groups which graph method would be the best to use for graphing this information.
— Each group will then construct their graph and present it to the class.
— Once everyone’s plane has been decorated the class will display their planes for viewing and grading.

— The students will be assessed on their participation in the entire activity.
— They will also be assessed on their completion of the airplane.
— They will earn an art grade for their decorative design as well. (Those not finished in the 20 minutes allowed for construction, will be allowed more time for decoration.)
— See attached for specific grading rubric.

Rules for Airplane flight event

1. Everyone will be allowed to practice and think of construction and decoration ideas for the next 2 days.
2. On the day of the contest, everyone will be given 20 minutes to construct his or her plane.
3. Everyone will be given the following supplies and nothing else may be used: one piece of white construction paper, 4 paperclips, scissors, crayons, markers, pencils.
4. You may cut and/or color your plane as you choose.
5. After the 20 minutes is up everyone will go to the hallway and we will fly our planes

Rubric for grading (20 points possible):

Fly-ability: (3)
Fly-able plane: 3 points
Almost Fly-able: 2 points
Not fly-able: 1point

Artistic Design: (12)
Dramatic design: 3 points
Use of color: 3 points
Includes Name of student: 3 points
Includes Name of aircraft: 3 points

Construction: (3)
Used only items provided: 3 points
Used 1-2 extra items: 2 points
Used 3 or more extra items: 1 point

Participation: (2)
Participated in flight event: 1 point
Participated in construction: 1 point

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