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This 50 States Research Project helps students learn more about the different parts of the US


Social Studies  


4, 5, 6, 7, 8  

Title – 50 States Research Project– while you study about U.S. geography
By – Mindy Stanfill
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Grade Level – 4th – 8th
This project is to be used during the study of U.S. geography.

Each student picks a different state to research. Before beginning the project, each student gathers the address to their state’s Department of Tourism and composes a business letter requesting information on their particular state. Students should gather information from various sources such as the internet, encyclopedias, text books, etc. I allowed my students 3 weeks to complete their projects (it was an at-home project). Some children received information on their states, others took longer and were unable to use the information. Below, you will find the explanation packet that I gave to my students as well as the rubric that I used for grading the projects. ENJOY!!

State Research

          For your state research project, choose one of the following ways to present your state. To ensure that you receive all 50 points for your research, be sure to include the following things in your presentation or report:

— State motto (2 pts.)
— State flower (2 pts.)
— State tree (2 pts.)
— Date of Statehood (2 pts.)
— Nickname (2 pts.)
— Region (2 pts.)
— State flag (2 pts.)
— State bird (2 pts.)
— 3 current events in your state (5 pts. each)
— any other interesting and valuable information (10 pts.)


If you choose to write a report, it must be at least 500 words typed. To present your report, you will read it to the class and answer any logical questions they may have.


If you choose to draw a poster, it must be neat and colorful. It should include both pictures and words. You must turn in 1 paragraph explaining different things on your poster. To present your poster, you will NOT read the paragraph, you will present the poster to the rest of the class.


Your song/rap should have NO obscene language. If you need background music, you may bring in a tape or a CD. The words to the song/rap should be typed in order to read it. You must turn in 1 paragraph explaining your song/rap. To present, you will perform the song or rap to the rest of the class.


Your PowerPoint presentation must be saved on a disk and the disk brought to school the day of your presentation. It should include pictures and words and must have a minimum of 5 slides. You must turn in 1 paragraph explaining each slide. You will present the PowerPoint using the class computer and explain each slide. If you would like to do a PowerPoint, but do now know how, you may make an appointment after school and I will explain it to you. However, you must have someone who is able to pick you up at 4:00pm.


If you have another idea for presenting your state, you must see me for approval.


The entire project is worth 100 points.

                    Research = 50 points
                    Presentation = 50 points
                    Total = 100 points

Correct grammar, punctuation, neatness, etc. will also be valuable to your grade at approximately 3 points each.


State Research Rubric

— Report

– state motto (2 pts.)          _____

– nickname (2 pts.)          _____

– state flower (2 pts.)          _____

– region (2 pts.)          _____

– state tree (2 pts.)          _____

– statehood (2 pts.)          _____

– state flag (2 pts.)          _____

– state bird (2 pts.)          _____

– 3 current events (5 pts. each)          _____

– other information (max. 10 pts.)          _____

– neat & acceptable work (3 pts.)          _____

– correct grammar (3 pts.)          _____

– punctuation (3 pts.)          _____

– turned in and presented on time (2 pts.)          _____

— Presentation

– eye contact (2 pts.)          _____

– spoke loud/ clear (5 pts.)          _____

– 5-7 minutes in length (3 pts.)          _____

– paragraph explanation (10 pts.)          _____

– knowledge of state (10 pts.)          _____

– appropriate behavior displayed during your presentation and other presentations (10 pts.)          _____

REPORT- typed (10 pts.)           _____

POSTER- colorful (5 pts.)           _____
pictures & words (5 pts.)          _____

SONG/RAP- typed words (10 pts.)          _____

POWER POINT- at least 5 slides (5 pts.) _____          
at least 2 pictures (5 pts.)          _____

TOTAL POINTS:_____/ 100

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