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A lesson on Apples called “Apples All Around!”


Social Studies  


K, 1, 2  

Title – Apples All Around!
By – Mollie Tucker
Subject – Social Studies
Grade Level – K-2
Unit: Apples

TLW make apple tree.
TLW complete “From Seed to Apple” Flip Book.
TLW make apple pictures using the Internet.
TLW sing “Round the Apple Tree.”

Materials/Arrangements Needed:
small brown paper bags, scissors, different colored apple punch outs, glue, green and yellow construction paper, handouts

Read books.
Pass out paper bags, construction paper, and apples.
Have students cut strips half way down a paper bag from the opening of the bag. Then undo and wrap the bag into a tree trunk.
Have children tear yellow and green paper to glue on as leaves and glue them on the tree. They will then glue on the apples.
When their tree is completed, have the children complete the “From Seed to Apple” activity.
Children will go to the computer in pairs to create their own apples online at
If time permits, children that finish may play the Juice Moose game at
Have children sit on carpet to recap, and sing “Round the Apple Tree.”

Walk around and see if any children need help and see that they have followed directions.
Be available for any questions or problems that arise.

How Do Apples Grow? by: Betsy Maestro
Apple Picking by: Janet Craig

Round the Apple Tree

Verse 1: Here we go round the apple tree,
      The apple tree, the apple tree.
      Here we go round the apple tree,
      So early in the morning.
Verse 2: This is the way we plant the seeds.
Verse 3: This is the way the little seed sprouts.
Verse 4: This is the way it grows to a tree.
Verse 5: This is the way the flowers blossom.
Verse 6: This is the way the apples grow.
Verse 7: This is the way the apples are picked.
Repeat Verse 1.

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