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In this lesson, students conduct the entire election process from scientifically picking a cookie candidate to campaign and vote for – through tallying the votes


Social Studies  



Title – Cookie Election
By – Linda Downs
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 1

Objective: Compare and contrast the decision making processes involved in making personal preferences. Students will collect data based on observations and interviews, and design posters that exhibit criteria used in making personal preferences.


      1 gallon of milk

      1 bag Oreo cookies

      1 bag of Nutter Butter cookies

      1 bag of shortbread or butter cookies

      enough cups for class

      poster board




Suggested Activities:

      1.  Observe the appearance, texture, taste, and durability of various cookies through experimentation .

        a.  taste test

        b.  soak in milk (does it float, fall apart, etc.)

        c.  brainstorm attributes of each cookie

        d.  crush cookie with rolling pin (best/worst crumbs)

      2.  Using the criteria identified, select a candidate and prepare a campaign poster in small groups.

      3.  Conduct a school-wide election (or grade-wide) to determine by popular vote, the winning cookie.

    4.  Relate these experiences to the presidential election.

Election Day:

      1.  Each child must have filled out a voter registration card.

      2.  Bring card to enrichment lab (or designated room) for voting.

      3.  Child will vote by placing a check by the picture that represents his cookie choice.

      4.  We will need 1 child per homeroom to be election officials. They will count the ballots.

      5.  We will need at least 3 parents volunteers to help monitor.

    6.  Election day-November___ (whatever date you decide)

Questions coordinator needs answered?

      What day do we want to do these activities?

      What time do you want to do the election?
Voter Registration Card

Name ______________________________

School _____________________________

Age _______          Grade ________

Room Number ____________________________

Signature _________________________________

Ballot would have pictures of the three cookies with a box underneath each that the student would check.

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