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A Tasty Quest: Mexican Food Field Trip


Social Studies  


4, 5  

Lesson title: A Tasty Quest: Mexican Food Field Trip

By: Micah Pilkington
Primary Subject: Social Studies
Secondary Subjects: Hispanic culture
Grade levels: Elementary to middle school

This lesson plan could be taught over a period of three or four days and can be used during any unit of cultural study.


Students will be able to:

  • Identify basic components of Mexican food, music, clothing and architecture
  • Compare and contrast Mexican and American culture
  • Create a Mexican dinner menu using Spanish and English words


  • Audio examples of Mexican music
  • Photos of Mexican architecture, attire and food
  • Field trip permission slips
  • Sample of Mexican dinner menu
  • Paper and pencils
  • Crayons or markers

Development of Lesson

Introduction: We have been studying different countries. Today we will find out more about Mexican food and culture.


  1. Listen to several styles of Mexican music: corridos, ranchera, a mariachi band, and so on. Ask students to name the instruments they hear.
  2. View photos of traditional Mexican attire, dwellings, and foods. Discuss Mexico’s cultural heritage and ask students to hypothesize how the style of Mexican clothing, houses and cuisine developed in harmony with or in response to the country’s geography, weather and resources.
  3. Take the class to a Mexican restaurant for lunch. 
  4. Have a class discussion abut the different types of food eaten at the restaurant. As a class, create a list on the board of four to five Mexican dishes and the ingredients that belong to each. Use Spanish and English words as needed.
  5. From activities 1-4, have students write at least five differences they observed between Mexican and American culture. Discuss during class.
  6. Put students into teams of two. Using the class-created list of Mexican foods and ingredients, have them design a menu for a Mexican dinner. After making a list of dishes and ingredients, they can decorate their menus using crayons or markers.


Evaluate the student’s comprehension of the activities by the observations they make in class and their completed menu project.


Have the class discuss what countries they would like to visit and why. Talk about the different ways of life we observed. End lesson with a refreshment of chips and salsa.

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