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A Social Studies lesson on counting in Spanish


Social Studies  



Michelle Lynn Hofmnn


3rd grade

Wednesday, January 15, 1997, 9:00-9:45 PM

Performance Expectations:

Students will be able to count from zero to twenty in Spanish, say the Spanish alphabet with its 30 letters (5 vowels), and recognize all the phonetic sounds.

Content Areas: Language Arts and Math

Strategy: Teach the children through direct instruction and reinforce through interactive games.

Materials Needed:

Spanish book

Display of Spanish alphabet and numbers

Phonetic chart of the Spanish alphabet



Through direct instruction, teach children the Spanish alphabet. As you go through, have children create their own desk keys. They should include their phonetic description of each. They can use examples of words which possess the different letters.


1. Use games to reinforce the direct instruction.

2. Follow with presentation of the numbers.

3. Resume with games to reinforce both the alphabet and numbering systems.

Games may include:

El Arbol de Los Numeros

Que va a comer el profesor ____?

El calendario


El Cumpleanos

Actores Mudos


El Cuerpo

Las Estatuas

El Arbol de la suerte

Los maizales

Palabras para completar


Students can develop games of their own to put their newfound knowledge of the Spanish language to work. They can also make desk keys of their own to keep that will help them when tbey write to their pen pals.


Students will be assessed according to their participation in games, and an analysis of their language key.


Use songs to learn the alphabet and numbers.

Have the class create a larger alphabet and number line.

Learn components of Mayan alphabet and the Mayan numbering system.


Michelle Lynn Hofmann

Hubp, L.B. (1988). Let’s play games in Spanish , Lincolnwood, IL: National Textbook Company.

Vogan, G.D. (1974). Merry-go-round of games in Spanish , Skokie, IL: National Textbook Company.

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