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This lesson uses Music to help teach Latitude vs Longitude


Music, Social Studies  



Title – Latitude and Longitude
By – Cathy Johnson
Subject – Social Studies, Music
Grade Level – 3
My students have had great success learning about latitude and longitude using two original songs I’ve written. The songs can be sung to the tune of “The Wheels on the Bus” (with minor variations). The songs help the students remember which lines are which!

I’m climbing the Ladder of Latitudes, latitudes, latitudes
I’m climbing the ladder of latitudes, all around the world.

(I have this song written up with a picture of the globe and the lines of latitude, comparing the lines of latitude to a ladder. It’s a great visual reminder.)

It’s a LONG LONG way from pole to pole, pole to pole, pole to pole
It’s a LONG LONG way from pole to pole, so we call those LONGITUDES.

(We stretch our arms from up to down to indicated going from pole to pole.)

After introducing the concepts of longitude and latitude using the songs, then we continue with more detailed lessons about latitude and longitude found in any teacher’s handbook.

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