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Here is a Veteran’s Day Thank You Song plus other activities


Music, Social Studies  


K, 1, 2, 3  

Title – If you are FREE – Thank a Veteran!
By – Susie
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects – Music
Grade Level – K-3

This is not a lesson plan, but an activity suitable for Veteran’s Day. Its purpose is to help students understand the importance of our military in maintaining our freedom. The students will learn a song to say thank you to veterans for their service to our country. After the students have learned the song, you could invite some veterans (we all know some) to your classroom to sing to them. The veterans would be the best audience the students could ever want, and the students would get the satisfaction of seeing the impact they can have just by showing appreciation.

First, explain to the students what a veteran is. Tell them about the various branches of the military and how each branch helps keep freedom a reality by defending our country from outside forces. (This IS possible without frightening the children!) Then teach them the following song. It is sung to the tune of “Did You Ever See A Lassie?” It could be sung for guest veterans any time of year. The veterans would be enormously touched and appreciative and the students would be more aware the positive impact they can have on their world.

We would like to thank our Veterans, our Veterans, our Veterans.
We would like to thank our Veterans for helping us stay free.

For Freedom is precious.
We would like to thank our Veterans
for keeping us free.

The National Guard,
The Army, the Air Force,
The Navy and the Coast Guard,
And the Marines.


In addition to this song, students should be familiar with the various songs associated with the branches of the military. These can be found on the various websites of each branch or you could find records. You could play “Name the Branch of the Military,” and let the students identity the branch from its song. Pictures of soldiers, sailors, etc in uniform would be a nice visual for the students. Explain to the students the role each branch plays in keeping our country free. Show on a globe some of the places our fellow countrymen serve to help keep peace in various parts of the world. When your guests come, perhaps they could share with the students some firsthand knowledge (age appropriate) of what a soldier (sailor, marine…) does. This lesson would go a long way in teaching students respect, value and appreciation for blood bought freedoms.

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