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Another collection of activities to teach about Native Americans


Social Studies  


2, 3, 4, 5  

Native American Activity Chart

Social Studies

History of the Head Dress

>>Bring in a head dress. Discuss what they are and their importance.

Body/Face Painting

>>Discuss the history and the symbolism of painting.

Role Playing with Research

>>Research different tribal roles and act out the roles in a play.

Living in the Forest

>>Discuss the basic needs of living in a forest.

Table Top Teepee

>>Explore the history of teepees and create their own.

Making Clothing

>>Through research students will make a Native American outfit.

Bean Bread

>>Learn about women’s role in society through cooking bread.

Algonquin Wigwam

>>Explore the history of the wigwam and create their own.

The Effects of Climate Location on Clothing

>>Study of clothing in terms of tribal location and climate.

Heroes of the Tribes

>>Research and discussion about heroes from the Native American society.


>>Discuss the uses of moccasins and create their own.

Our Lives and Theirs

>>Study of human capital in Native American society compared to student’s lives.

Pueblo Houses

>>Explore the history of the pueblo and create their own.

Field Trip to Anthropology Museum

>>Look at exhibits and discuss the artifacts presented.

The Effects of Climate on Dwellings

>>Study of dwellings in terms of tribal location and climate.



>>Forming and decorating clay with mini nature items.

Designs on Teepees

>>Using paint created by the students they will decorate teepees in native



>>Make beads from clay, string, and decorate them as desired.

Language Arts

Readers Theater

>>Read Legend of the Native American Paint Brush, have students take different parts

from the legend to read.

Sign Language

>>Study of different Native American signs and how they are used in communication.

Written Symbols

>>Using written symbols students will write a letter to another friend in the class.

Physical Education

Bear Race

>>In team competition students will develop coordination skill while walking like a bear

as fast as they can.


>>Learn and play game that many Iroquois children played for fun.

Spear Throwing

>>After making spears students will practice throwing their spears at a target.



>>Study and discussion about different animal tracks.

Natural Paints

>>Study and make different paints using fruits and root.


>>Read How the Stars Fell into the Sky and discuss how the heavens influenced Native American society.


History of Dance

>>Research and study the history of dance in Native American society.


>>Make different Native American instruments and practice using them to compose

Native American music.


>>Study different forms of Native American songs and develop original songs.

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