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The object of this lesson is to make a Native American word booklet


Social Studies  



Title – Native American Vocabulary
By – Holly Harris
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Grade Level – 3rd

1.   Concept: Native Americans

2.  Alabama Course of Study:

    #9 Compare cultural aspects of selected Native American groups.

3.  Behavioral Objectives:

    The student will be able to discuss the history of Native Americans and to see Native American influences in everyday language.

4.  Materials:

  • Large map
  • Vocabulary word page
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Construction paper
  • Staplers
  • Dictionary

5.  Teaching Procedures:

    A.  Motivation:

      Ask the students some questions to introduce the topic. What does the name Native American mean? (It describes the groups of peoples who have been living in the Americas before and since the Europeans arrived.) Where did Native Americans live? (All across the land we call the United States.)

    B.  Instructional Procedures:

      Make a Native American words booklet. Write the following words on the chalkboard: Condor, cougar, raccoon, skunk. Ask students to tell what the words have in common. (They are animals.) Then let them describe each animal. Can also use these words: bayou, kayak, parka, and corn. Explain that the words have one more important thing in common: they all come from Native American language. In fact, many of the words we use come from the hundreds of languages spoken by different groups of Native Americans. Hand out vocabulary sheets. (Should have the words with a picture of what the word is). Let students know these words also come from Native American languages. Have students define each of the words shown there, using a dictionary for help.

    C.  Closure:

      Have students complete their booklets by cutting the word entries apart and gluing each one onto a piece of construction paper. They can then make a cover, alphabetize, and staple the pages together.

6.  Evaluation:

    Grade the booklets when the students are done. Make sure they defined the vocabulary correctly and put the words in the correct order.

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