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A great Social Studies lesson plan on Newspaper structure


Social Studies  


3, 4, 5  

Denise Young


Lesson Plan Subject: Social Studies

Lesson Plan Title: Fertile Crescent News


The lesson plan:



1. Students will learn newspaper structure: terms, summary leads, and newspaper jobs.

2. Students will interpret the ways in which the people of the Fertile

Crescent met the challenges of a harsh environment.


Focus and Review

1. Discuss with students to newspaper terms.

2. Review with students the challenges faced by the people of the Fertile Crescent and their solutions.


Teacher Input

1. Moderate discussion of newspaper terms.

2. Have students identify newspaper structures from a local newspaper.

3. Guide discussion of the challenges faced by the people of the Fertile Crescent and their solutions.

4. Review handouts for activity.


Guided Practice

1. Have student teams make individual assignments from Part 1 handout.


Independent Practice

1. Students will continue to work on their individual assignments for the team project at home.



1. Newspaper Presentations: Students will listen carefully to the group presentations of the newspapers and then vote for the best group in each category.

Most original

Most realistic

Most time and effort

Overall appearance

Most creative


2. Teams will evaluate presentations according to Part 2 handout.



1. Newspaper

2. Textbook

3. Handouts


Fertile Crescent News

Part 1 – Requirements Worksheet



1 Editor

1 Proofreader

10 Classified Advertisements to Include:

Help Wanted

Services Available

Real Estate (For Sale)

Misc. For Sale

2 Other Front Page Stories

2 Stories Continued on Page 2

2 Editorials

3 Letters to the Editor

2 Sports

2 Fashion


Top Story

Cut and Outline

Feature Story

Weather Report

Circulation and Cost




Streamer Headline


Fertile Crescent News

Part 2—-Collaborative Group Evaluation Sheet


Have teams exchange newspapers. Teams will evaluate newspapers on the following criteria:



Completed (Yes/No) and Comments



Informative content

Spelling and Punctuation

Newspaper space well used


Shows time and effort

Followed Requirements:

Required items

2 Editorials

3 Letters to the editor

2 Sports

2 Entertainment

10 Classified

Top story

Feature story

Comments: (positive as well as suggestions for improvement)





Overall Evaluation:


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