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Here is a dramatic play plan for law enforcement activity centers


Art, Language Arts, Social Studies  



Title – Dramatic Play-Law Enforcement
By – Anna
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects – Social Studies, Art, Language Arts
Grade Level – Preschool


      prop box

      play badges

      old uniforms/hats

      pre-made paper bag uniforms

      pre-made sentence strip hats

      blue vests from thrift shop

      old cowboy dress up boots/shoes



      blue revolving light from auto store

      flashing blue tire plugs to put on bike tires

      stick-horse for horse patrol

      “boat” for police boat


      cardboard box painted blue and white or other appropriate color with an “emblem” or “to Protect and serve”

      black washable ink pad

      fingerprint kits(perhaps donated by local law enforcement)

      photo ID

      bicycles or tircyles decorated with blue ribbons and a horn added or flashing blue “walkers” safety light

      small tan coat for investigators

      dress up and purses/wallets

      stop light or red and green flags

      orange cones for emergency

      orange light sticks for traffic control

      orange vest

      stop sign for crosswalk guard/gloves/hat

    If outside, bikes, wagons, playground equipment, picnic tables, gazebo, etc.


      Policeman songs, introduce a book such as

Off goes Officer Pat

      or other age appropriate book on police officers or related.

      Ask what is a police Officer?

      Can a Police Officer be a girl?

      What do police officers do?

    and other open-ended questians.


You may want to take dramatic play outdoors as you can utilize bikes, porch area, gazebo, designate certain areas for different events.

Where the police officers have lunch/coffee

Where police get ready for work, other children can dress up and be playing and dialing 9-1-1 if they need help.

telephones, fax machines, paper and pencils, headsets, old computer keyboards, flip cards for different types of emergency(use old magazine cutouts)

black ink washable pad and fingerprint cards, index or posterboard
small blackboard

other:wagons, horse sticks, boat, use cardboard boxes and decorate as cars or helecopter

have coloring sheets prepared, practice how to dial 9-1-1, stranger danger, how to treat your baby-never shake a baby, Show your friends how to get along with each other so that you don’t have to dial 9-1-1,
You could also add a sketch artist to draw a picture to help solve the “crime”

Show children where the centers are and what you will be doing there. Select children who are interested in certain centers and promote play.

The children should have many things to do in a busy police station.

They may want to do this for an entire week and you could put these in your lesson plans throughout the week.

Try for a stoplight snack along with other websites

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