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This classroom map lesson provides following directions practice


Social Studies  




Title – Map Building and Reading
By – Michelle Vanston
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects – 
Grade Level – Kindergarten

Objective: The children will build a map of the classroom with scaffolding from the teacher. They will then read the map to find out what part of the classroom they should go to. They will go there and act like a chosen animal.

Time: 30 minutes


      -Felt board (Use tape to create the walls of the


      classroom on the feltboard)


      -Felt pieces to represent the areas in the classroom


    -Pictures of animals to be placed on map


      1. Introduce the felt board and the lesson goals to the children. Tell them that today they will be building a map of the classroom. Think about where things are in the classroom in relation to other things such as the door, or the windows.


      2. Start with showing the outline of the classroom on the felt board, point out the doors and the windows.


      3. Now start with the group area, where they are now. Have them think about where they are in relation to the doors, the windows, etc.


      4. Do all tables, the teacher’s desk, and the group area.


      5. Now tell the children that they will need to read the map to go to an area, and act like the animal that will be placed in that area on the map.


      6. Place animals on the map.


      7. Instruct the students to remember to be quiet when moving to their area so that no one guesses what animals they are going to be, and to use small steps so as not to bump into anyone. When they get to the area they should remain quiet until their group is called upon to perform.


      8. Go through, and read the map, calling on the groups to act.


    9. Instruct the children to return to their desks and figure out what animal is at their desk / or have them draw the animal that is at their desk, by reading the map.

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