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Students will launch an anti-bullying campaign in their school


Social Studies  


9, 10, 11, 12  


Title – Do Something about… School Violence Unit
Day 10: Bully Pulpit
By – Do Something, Inc. /
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 9-12

Do Something about…
School Violence
10-Day Unit

The following lesson is the tenth and last lesson of a 10-day
School Violence Unit from Do Something, Inc.
Other lessons in this unit are as follows:

Day 1: Bullying
Students will be introduced to the unit and learn the definition of bullying
Day 2: What’s life like in my shoes?
Students will learn about bullying in the news and take on the perspective of someone being bullied.
Day 3: Mean Girls
Students will explore the differences and similarities of female and male violence.
Day 4: School Zones
Students will talk about safety in their own school.
Day 5: Groupthink
Students will learn about gangs and the theory of groupthink.
Day 6: Stand Up!
Students will learn about diffusion of responsibility and discuss how they should play a role in protecting others.
Day 7: Responsibility
Students will learn about the principal of diffusion of responsibility and techniques that can help them if they are ever a victim of violence.
Day 8: Zero Tolerance
Students will investigate zero tolerance laws and learn about the difficulties schools face when deciding how to handle school violence.
Day 9: Still I Rise
Students will learn about how to find inner strength and cope with bullying.
Day 10: Bully Pulpit (See the lesson below)
Students will launch an anti-bullying campaign in their school.


More student resources for this cause are at:


For more Service-Learning Curricula check out:


Day 10: Bully Pulpit



    Students will launch an anti-bullying campaign in their school.



  1. Explain to students that your class will be launching a school wide program to prevent bullying.
  2. Break students into focus groups based on interest. Groups can be as follows
    • Administrative team: This group will read and research ways that school administration can prevent bullying through security measures and staff development. Once students have researched this topic, they should write or create a presentation to deliver to the school administrative team.
    • Publicity/Education: This group will be in charge in building school wide support for an anti-bullying campaign. Students can create posters, write articles, get speakers, or run an anti-bullying event for the whole school. Students should research what are the most effective techniques to reach students.
    • Support Group: These students will be in charge of creating an organization that helps students feel “included” in their school. Topics might include inter-grade buddies and ways to make new students feel welcome to the school.
    • Education: This group will work on educating the next generation about bullying. They can continue creating skits about school violence and perform them to elementary and middle schools, or write children’s books about the topic.
  3. Finally, remind students that change happens slowly. Throughout the year, revisit the topic of safe schools and reflect on changes that have occurred.

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