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Family Changes


Social Studies  



Title – Family Changes
By – Jazmine Parks
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Grade Level – grade 1
Topic: Ways that families change.
Post Class:
Objectives: The students will demonstrate understanding of change, and how families solve problems in different ways.
Materials: books on changing families:
Arnstein, Helene J. Billy and Our New Baby, Human Sciences Press (1973) ISBN: 0-87705-093-7
Blaine, Marge, The Terrible Thing That Happened at Our House, Four Winds Press (1975) ISBN: 0-590-07780-5
Brown, Laurene Kransny, and Marc Brown, Dinosaurs Divorce: A guide for changing families, The Atlantic Monthly Press (1986)
Collman, Barbara J. Kid’s Book To Welcome A New Baby!, Marlor Press Inc (1992) ISBN: 0-943400-65-1
Drescher, Joan, Your Family, My Family, Walker & Company (1980) ISBN: 0-8027-6382-0
Johnson, Julie, How do I feel about My Stepfamily, Copper Beech Books (1997) ISBN: 0-7613-0868-7
Simon, Norma, All Kinds of Families, Albert Whitman & Company (1976) ISBN: 0-8075-0282-0
Whitney, Brooks, Oh, Brother… Oh, Sister, Pleasant Company Publications (1999) ISBN: 1-56247-748-X
Equipment: Nothing is required, but chart paper and markers, or the board and chalk may be used to write down the students’ brainstormed ideas.
Opener: Read All Kinds of Families by Norma Simon. Recall what types of families that the book covers, as well as the types of families that the book may miss.
1. Discuss what things may cause these changes. At this point, the students will most likely add their own experiences about family changes. Some examples of what situations that can cause changes are:
– Divorce
– New baby
– Marriage
– Moving (either the entire family or just one member à older sibling going to college, etc)
– Parent getting a new job
– _________________________
– _________________________

Closer: Read The Terrible Thing That Happened at Our House by Marge Blaine, with the students reading (as a group) the large, bold face type. Explain how this situation can occur in a family that is going through change, and what the students could do if change occurs in their own family. Ask the questions:
– What is it important to do with your family when you are going through changes? (talk about it, let your feeling be know)
– How can you help your family during the times of change? (be understanding, be willing to listen to what others have to say)

Remember to mention to the students that there are more books available on family changes, and point them out to the students (have a stack at the front of the class).
Post Class
Evaluation: The students will be evaluated on antidotal notes on participation, which will be combined with notes from regular class participation.

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