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This lesson to teach Family Concepts develops a “Family Resume”


Social Studies  


11, 12  

Title – Family Resume
By – April J. Duval
Subject – Family, Social Studies
Grade Level – 11 – 12
Purpose / Objective:
~ Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the work of the family concepts.
~ Demonstrate word processing skills.

Create a resume that demonstrates your work of the family skills.

How to Grade :
Name and Address: 3 points
Name BOLDED so that it stands out to the reader. Centered in the middle of the page, address and phone number listed.

Objective: 1 point

Education: 1 point
List of any education facility attended.

Relevant Courses: 2 points
List of any courses that have been taken that would help complete the work of the family.

Activities and Honors: 4 points
At least 2 activities and honors that you have accomplished.

Related Experiences: 18 points
Three examples of Technical, Communicative, and Reflective skills used and where used.

Skills: 5 points
A list of five words that are descriptive.

References: 6 points
A list of at least three people, their address, phone number and what their relationship is to you.

Work of the Family Summary: 5 points
A paragraph that explains what you think the work of the family is.

Spelling and Grammar: 5 points

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