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“Friendship Flowers” teaches about friendship!


Social Studies  


1, 2, 3  

Title – Friendship Flowers
By – Shelley
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 1-3

Friendship: In the first grade classroom the social studies unit includes families and friends as part of the curriculum. We have been discussing the different types of families and how good family members act. Now we will be discussing friends and the good qualities that a friend should posses.

Rationale: As part of the curriculum, friendships will be discussed in detail with the children. Children will relate to one another and share information about themselves. It is critical to learn good social skills early in life to get along well with others. At the conclusion of this lesson, students will be able to list qualities that they wish to find in a friend and qualities they want to have in themselves to be good friends. Students form relationships of trust and respect and they will recognize these factors.

Goal/Objective: Students will be able to list qualities of good friends and obtain these qualities within themselves.

-You Are Special, by Max Lucado
-construction paper cut outs of 5 flower petals per child and one round circle
-1 envelope per child
-large sheet of paper for listing

-Gather children onto floor in a group
-Ask children to think of their best friends in their head but do not talk aloud
-Ask children to think of why that person is their best friend
-Tell children about your best friend and why
-Explain that friends can be family members, pets, peers, adults, etc.
-Ask children to raise their hand and when called upon tell what they like about their best friend, without naming the person
-Make a list of things we like about our friends
-How are we good friends?
-Make a list of things we do as good friends
-Read You Are Special, by Max Lucado
-Discuss his friend and how she helped him
-“Friends are special people and we need to let them know that”
-Explain Flower Friends activity-
          – Each child has an envelope with their name on it and 5 petals inside
          – We will pass around the envelopes and each child will take out one petal and write one nice word about this friend, do not show anyone or say aloud!
          – We will pass these around 5 times, until each petal has a word
          – Teacher then collects envelopes and arranges flowers together
          – Hang on wall for children to see
Assessment: During discussion teacher will observe what children say about friends and this will show understanding of what a good friend is. The flower petal activity is a conclusion to lesson in which children list these good qualities about each other.

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