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A Community-Improving lesson which stresses that Hands Are For Helping


Social Studies  


K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5  

Title – Helping Hands
By – Robyn Larson
Subject – Social Studies
Grade Level – K – 5th
This is an ongoing lesson that I am doing in my classroom to help children learn that our hands are for helping. Here are a few ideas and concepts I go over with the children:

1. What are ways that we can help people? How do you feel when you help someone? (distinguish between helping people and hurting people).

2. Create a large hand out of posterboard to place on the wall and write (or draw) different things the children can help out with in the classroom each day. (Example: setting tables, line leader, making sure that centers are cleaned up, etc.)

3. Have the children create their own journal where they can draw or write about the nice and helpful things they do for their family or friends.

I also bought some stickers in the shape of hands to help reinforce the child. I call the stickers “High Fives” and I only give them out to the children when I feel they are doing a great job and deserve a “high five” for their accomplishments.

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