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In this college readiness lesson, students investigate characteristics universities, internships and scholarship organizations seek in an applicant; create a short photo story illustrating their quali




10, 11, 12  

Title – Select Me, I’m Ready – College Readiness Skills
By – Aglhaen Nieto-Cruz
Primary Subject – Other
Grade Level – 10 – 12

Instruction Concept:

    Implement an activity that will increase participants’ ability to share their academic experiences in a competitive manner utilizing technological tools to do so. A significant growth in self efficacy is expected.

Grant Objective:

    80% of program participants scheduled to graduate will successfully enroll in a post-secondary program of study at their choice institution.


  • TLW verbally and visually express the purpose and value of extracurricular involvement.
  • TLW demonstrate interviewing skills for college, internship and scholarship interviews.
  • TLW demonstrate the ability to evaluate personal strengths and deficiencies



  • Invite students to begin preparing for the competitive Summer CUB Internship Program.
  • Review requirements which include:
    • electronic resume
    • letter of intent
    • supporting artifacts
  • Announce December deadline.


  1. Begin by asking students to verbally share their greatest academic success. Next do the same for deficiencies. Guide discussion to explore their perceptions of a successful college bound student.
  2. Share relevant websites that will assist students in investigating what universities, internships and scholarship organizations are looking for in their interviewees and applicants . Encourage them to explore and collaborate with their peers. Allot 15-20 minutes of research time. Direct them to create a list of activities that illustrate sought out characteristics.
  3. Utilizing their list – have students identify activities and characteristics they possess that are aligned to their findings. Ask them to write a script about their personal experiences related to such activities and how such experiences better prepares them for success in post secondary education.
  4. Ask students to identify relevant images that help illustrate points discussed in their script.
  5. Upon completion of steps 1-4 students will be ready to create a 3-5 minute photo story illustrating relevant college preparation activities they have participated in. The story will complement their resume.

Guided Practice:

  • Begin, mediate and help redirect (if necessary) discussion regarding college ready characteristics.
  • Provide example of appropriate images which illustrate college bound behaviors or experiences.

Independent Practice:

    TLW conduct research and create a photo story


    TLW present their photo story to peers and moderator.


  • TLW evaluate his/her photo story and determine what additional activities would have enhanced student’s college readiness.
  • They will identify future activities they will become involved in.


  • Adaptations for Special Education will be provided through campus disabilities office.
  • Required and/requested tools will be obtained through procedural requests.

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