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The first lesson involves creating a National Park Brochure


Social Studies  


4, 5, 6  

Title – Park Brochures – National Park Mini-Unit Lesson 1
By – Amanda
Subject – Social Studies
Grade Level – 4-6

National Parks unit contents:

Unit: U.S. National Parks
Lesson #1: National Park Travel Brochures

Objectives: Students will:
— Create a brochure of a National Park that will include: a map with the park’s location, wildlife and plants in the park, attractions, landforms, and the like
MEAP Standard (Michigan):
— Locate information about local, state, and national communities using a variety of traditional sources, electronic technologies, and direct observations.

— White computer paper for each student
— Crayons and Markers
— Encyclopedias
— Computers with Internet Access (optional)
— Books on National Parks
— Worksheet: Brochure planning

Anticipatory Set:
“Today we will be beginning our unit on National Parks. Has anyone ever visited a national park? What are some things you already know about national parks? (students respond and discuss) Today you are going to have a chance to learn about National parks. You are going to use what you learn to get people from all over to come and visit your national park.”

Objective and Purpose:
“You are going to do some research on a National Park of your choice so that you can create a brochure to get people to come to your national park.”

Student will be paired with a partner, and each team will be assigned a national park. I will explain to the students what a brochure is and show an example of one. I will point out the cover, maps, and information its contains. I will also show students how to fold a sheet of paper to make a brochure.

I will explain to students how to use the sources available to do research on their parks: classroom encyclopedias, books on national parks, and the Internet (especially the national park service site at

Guided Practice and Check for Understanding:
Direct students to complete another section of their travel brochure planning sheet, using encyclopedias, books, and the handouts provided for reference. I will circulate the class while they are working to make sure all students have an understanding of what they are doing.

The class will finish filling out their information worksheets, and begin creating their brochures.

Independent Practice:
Students will be given the remainder of the class time to complete their brochures. They may work on it at home or use spare class time to complete it. When all brochures are completed, students will have a chance to look at each other’s works and comment on them.

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