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This first lesson discusses how to do an Interview


Social Studies  


4, 5, 6  

Title – Oral History Lesson #1
By – Audrey Pruitt
Subject – Social Studies
Grade Level – 4-6

— To introduce the art of interviewing
— To get a list of questions to ask during an interview

— Paper
— Pencils

1. Discuss with the class the idea of interviewing.
2. Talk about the different types of interviews, such as interviewing for information on a topic vs. interviewing for information about that person.
3. Talk about possible questions that could be asked during an interview.
4. Have students come up with possible interview questions.
5. Discuss what is appropriate and what is not, as well as what kinds of information they should be looking for in the interview process.
6. Give class time to come up with questions.
7. Divide class into groups of 2-3.
8. Have each group combine lists of questions and discuss again what is appropriate and what is not.
9. Discuss with class what order questions should go in order for the interview to flow from one thing to the next.
10. Each group should list questions in the way that they would like to ask them during an interview.
11. Have each group share their list of questions and get ideas and suggestions from other groups.
12. Each student should have a list of questions from their group. Shuffle groups and have students interview each other using their questions to make sure that they flow.
13. Once students have interviewed one another, have students reorganize questions as needed and discuss what worked and did not work in their list of questions.

Each child will come up with a list of questions to ask the person to be interviewed.
Each child will have practiced interviewing another person.

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