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Visual learners gain understanding of the contributions of FDR and Churchill to World War II’s conclusion here with the help of modern day technology


Social Studies  


9, 10, 11, 12  

Title – Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill: Two Powerhouses
By – Crystal Whitaker
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Grade Level – 9-12

Lesson Summary:

    The objective of this lesson is for students to understand the contributions of Roosevelt and Churchill to World War II’s conclusion.

Targeted South Carolina Content Standards:

    World War II Content – World Government

Student Objectives/Learning Goals:

  • The students will have the ability to learn about history by using modern day technology.
  • The objective is for the history to jump out of the history book and onto the LCD projector screen. This will supplement what the students have already read and will be especially helpful for visual learners.


  • First, the teacher must research and find acceptable websites for the students to view articles and clips from/about World War II.
  • The teacher may also opt to find written transcript of speeches to help students follow the video clips.
  • The teacher will present a PowerPoint presentation on general background information about WWII and then the students will watch the clips and discuss the speeches.
  • The students will investigate how forthcoming the elected officials were with citizens and whether their expectations for when the war would end were realistic based upon all the evidence.

Approximate Time Needed:

    2 hours

Materials and Resources Required For Unit:

  • Printed Materials:
    • Transcripts of Roosevelt’s and Churchill’s speeches
  • Supplies:
    • notebook
    • textbooks
    • computer
  • Internet Resources:
    • The New York Times website
    • Encarta
  • Multimedia Components:
    • 1 Video clip(s)
    • 1 Internet site activity
    • 1 PowerPoint presentation

Student Assessment:

    Students will be primarily assessed on their class participation. There will be two opportunities to discuss – one in smaller groups and another chance when the entire class is discussing the materials as a whole.

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