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Apprentice Questions – Chef


Social Studies  


8, 9, 10, 11, 12  

Apprentice Questions

Master Cook/Chef

You are to be apprenticed to a Master Cook/Chef for a banquet or festival


– What are all of the materials that would be needed for a banquet? For this particular project, consider food preservation, storage, and preparation. Then brainstorm for and research the skills and techniques you must learn or know about?

– Name of your guild? In which special guild must you start before you can proceed to work with a master chef? Who is allowed into your guild?

– Special features of your guild? Terms and vocabulary unique to your guild’s work or beliefs? Special clothing that your guild members must wear? Under what conditions? What does each piece signify?

– What changes during the Renaissance have affected your field of study and how banquets are conducted? What festivals are most important to celebrate? How is that done with special foods, recipes, dishes?

– Who have been the innovators in your field of study? What has each contributed of significant importance? Where did each master get his ideas? Any special study that he did, place he visited, things he observed and applied to what he is passing on to you? What artwork has your guild been required to commission? What donations is your guild responsible for and why?

– Course of study? What books will you be using? By? Philosophy about food, preparation, processing, and presentation? Manners and customs that must be learned for your field of work? Skills and techniques must you learn or know about? Best and/or most unique techniques, beliefs, recipes? Special math skills that are needed?

– Materials for your work available from where? Special guilds for them? What other guild(s) do you work with? Technology (tools) available? Innovative technology you may want to use? Special features of your work that you must consider in your training? Cautions, hazards? Particular problems you may run into with your work? What secrets are you pledged to keep for your guild and why?

– What have you learned that 20th century chefs and banquet-goers use today as a result of ideas and techniques of the Renaissance ( or what the Renaissance borrowed from earlier centuries)?

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