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Apprentice Questions – Shipwright


Social Studies  


5, 6, 7  

Apprentice Questions
Shipbuilder, Mapmaker, Carpenter, Armourer, Physician, Butcher, Astronomer

You are to be apprenticed to a Shipbuilder, Mapmaker, Carpenter, Armourer, Physician, Butcher, or Astronomer readying for a lengthy voyage


– What are all of the materials that would be needed for a long voyage: for the men and for the ship? Which guild would you want to apprentice?

– For this particular project, consider food preservation, storage, and preparation; clothing for all kinds of weather and conditions; defense; plotting and maintaining a route (course); medical supplies and practitioners. What else would be needed for a voyage with which a guild would involved?

Which guild would you apprentice? Then brainstorm for and research the skills and techniques you must learn or know about?

In particular, consider these as a beginning point:
Math: What mathematical ‘news’ is there that will help you?
Science: What scientific ‘news’ and philosophy will help you with your guild’s preparation for this voyage? Technology (tools) available? Technology needed? Innovative technology you have to design? Special features of a voyage that you must consider as a member of your guild?
Sanitation: a concern? Particular problems your guild may run into with this project? Building materials needed? Building materials available from where? Special guilds for them? Decorative art for anything? Why? What guild(s) would you use? Famous innovators you’ve met along the way?

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