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An Earth Day history timeline is created here


Science, Social Studies  




Title – History of Earth Day
By – Norma Burruel
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects – Science
Grade Level – 5th grade

Objective: TLW summarize and place key events on a timeline about Earth Day from various articles and internet sites in journal. (Cognitive)

History: Strand 1

      1SS-E1. Understand and apply the basic tools of historical research,


      Including chronology and how to collect, interpret, and employ information


      from historical materials.


      PO 1. Place key events on a timeline and apply chronological terms correctly,


    B.C.E. (B.C.), C.E. (A.D.), decade, century, and generation

Verbal Interaction: Anticipatory:
Discuss with class what problems they see around their community concerning the environment.
Will you please summarize the important facts of how Earth Day came about?
Do you know who was responsible for bringing Earth Day about?
What would you categorize as important reasons in still having an Earth Day?

Teaching Method: Linguistic Intelligence & Verbal Experience
TTW present the historical events and people that made Earth Day possible.
Hand-outs will be passed out to the students for them to keep and add notes.
Followed by open discussion of current issues facing the health of the earth today.
Have students place events on timeline hand out.


      Pre-assessment: Anticipatory set.


      Formative: Verbal question through-out lecture.


    Summative: Timeline hand-out.


      Vision impaired: Larger print, highlight important information, and Braille.


      Learning disability: pre-formatted hand-outs.


    ELL: picture cues, explanation of terms, short definitions for key terms.

Use of Technology for this lesson: The students will look for information regarding Earth Day in the internet to gather information for their Timeline Worksheet. Every group will have a chance to at least find something in the internet related to Earth Day. The teacher will give the groups an specific period of time to look for information. That would give each different information for their timelines. Then the students will share with the other groups to complete their timelines.

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