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This lesson on Oil Spills focuses on Writing a Letter to a Senator


Language Arts, Science, Social Studies  



Title – Oil Spill Letter
By – Christine Silvestri
Subject – Social Studies, Science, Language Arts
Grade Level – 3
Instructional Plan

I. Title:
Oil Spill Letter
II. Organization:
— Whole group
— Individual
III. Objectives:
The children will be able to:
— enhance listening skills during a read-a-loud.
— enhance verbal skills by participating in a group brainstorm
— enhance writing skills by completing a letter web and a letter to a state senator.

IV. Materials:
— Book, Oil Spill by: Melvin Berger
— Brainstorm chart
— Letter web Chart
— Letter web
— Pencil & paper

V. Procedure
1. Activate prior knowledge by asking the children about what disasters they have learned about already.
2. Introduce the book and tell the children that it a disaster just like what they have learned about.
3. Read the book, asking question through out.

Developmental Activities:

1. Tell the children that they can help prevent oil spills. Ask them how they think they can do this. Then tell them that they will be writing to Senator Joe Conti about laws that help prevent oil spills.
2. Have the children recall the five things that you can write to your senator about in the book, and ask if any body else has any ideas. Record on Brainstorm chart.
3. Have the children return to their seats and pass out letter web. Post Brian storm chart on board (remains up through out activity for reference).
4. Fill in the sample letter web with the children on the chart pasted on the board.
5. Allow children to fill in their own web’s using sample web as guide (will remain up during activity).
6. Have children use web to create rough draft
7. Have children meet w/ teacher for teacher conference to edit letter.
8. Have children write final draft.
1. Have Children read letters allowed to small groups.
2. Mail letters.

VI. Adaptations:
— Letter web was devised to help students who have trouble with coming up with ideas to write about on their own.

VII. Evaluation:
— Did the students listen during the read-a-loud?
— Did they provide adequate feed back during brainstorm and sample web?
— Review Letter

— Did I activate prior knowledge about disasters?
— Did I conduct the read-a-loud effectively?
— Did I keep the student’s attention?
— Did I module the letter writing process effectively?
VIII. Follow-Up:
— Students will receive response from senator and both the letter they wrote and the letter he wrote back will be posted in the classroom or hallway.

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