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The unit begins with an introduction to the Simple Machines Unit


Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies  


3, 4  

Title – Simple Machines Unit
By – Debbie Haren
Subject – Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts
Grade Level – 3/4

Introduction to Simple Machines Unit Plan

In order to do this lesson it is important to obtain as many books as possible about machines and how they work. Some excellent examples are Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel which is used in this unit and any science encyclopedia on simple machines. Also be sure to check at the library to see what is available there. Be sure to have as many books possible about this subject out in your reading area.

In this unit many of the activities require the students to write in their journals. This is just an excellent way to get the children writing on a particular subject. Be sure the students will have a particular notebook or journal to write in for these activities.

The last thing that needs done before the Unit starts is to type out a letter to the parents letting them know what the new unit is about and to ask the parents if they would start saving boxes, rubberbands, straws and paper towel cardboard rolls to bring in for hands on experiments on simple machines. This letter should go out to parents several weeks before starting the unit to be sure enough supplies is brought in for the entire class.

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