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This is a Matching Activity with Simple Machines and their Definitions


Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies  


3, 4  

Title – Simple Machines Lesson Plan 4
By – Debbie Haren
Subject – Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts
Grade Level – 3/4


Write down in your journal as many of the Simple Machines that you can remember. Share with the class how many you were able to remember. Can anyone tell me what a screw is and how it helps us? How about an inclined plane? How does it help us?


Have a Xerox copy for every student of each simple machine and in the column have the definition of each machine. Now have students cut them apart and put them in their journals. They can glue them in or tape them Have them put the definition next to it and color each simple machine and definition a different color. An example is Lever = green, Inclined plane = blue and etc.
This is just to get them more familiar with the different simple machines. Hopefully by this time they are starting to be able to tell the teacher what simple machines different objects are.

Task 2:

Have them test a partner on the definitions of each simple machine and see if they can name which simple machine it is. An example is one student asks another “This simple machine is an inclined plane wrapped around a pole?” If the other student does not get it the student can be given some hints or examples to help them. Make sure the students switch off and everyone gets a turn to try to figure out the simple machines.

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