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Lesson 5 discusses Assembly Lines and the making of products


Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies  


2, 3, 4, 5  

Title – Simple Machines Unit Lesson 5

By – Debbie Haren

Subject – Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts

Grade Level – 3/4


What is an Assembly Line? How does it work? What it is used for? Do factories have Assembly lines? Can you name a product that would take an Assembly line to put it together? (car)

How do Assembly help us make products? Do Assembly lines use si9mple machines to work? What types of simple machines might an Assembly line use? Why?


Bring in containers from home of unopened household products. Some examples are shampoo, paper towels, soap and dishwashing liquid. In small groups have students discuss what might be needed to make this product. Such as packaging, product itself, the printing on the side of the container and the ingredients listed on the back. This would also mean ink to print with. Have the students work together and discuss the different process that would be necessary on the assembly to make this product. Have the students talk about the different types of simple machines that can be used to accomplish these tasks.


Have each group of students share their products and the process needed to make the product. Have the students share what their assembly would do and how this would help this product be made fast and efficiently.

Vocabulary Words to Discuss: Conveyor Belt, Assembly line, Chain or links, production, factory, production line, product, packaging.


Debbie Haren


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