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Levers are the subject of this part of the unit


Art, Language Arts, Math, Science  


3, 4  

Title – Simple Machines Unit Lesson 6
By – Debbie Haren
Subject – Math, Science, Art, Language Arts
Grade Level – 3/4

Simple Machines Unit Lesson 6


Can anyone tell me what a lever is and what it is used for?


I will pass out a paper towel roll to each of you I want you to cut it in half, length wise. To make a stable place to balance items on.

Task 2:

On top of the paper towel holder I want you to put a ruler. What do you think we might be building? Does it remind you of seesaw? Place the paper tube flat side down
Balance a ruler across the tube. Put a counter on one end. Have students chart in their journal what happens. Put a counter on the other end and then see what happens. Some things to use as counters are small bear counters, dice, marbles or chain.


What happened when you put a counter on one end of the seesaw?
What happened when you put a counter on each end?
Where is the turning point of the seesaw?

Task 3:

The next challenge is to have students balance 2 counters on one side of the lever and one counter on the other. What do they have to do to the ruler to make it work?(move the ruler)


Observe, experiment, data chart

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