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This is a KWL geography lesson on the migration of Monarch butterflies


Science, Social Studies  



Title – Monarch Spring/Fall Migration
By – Martha Huerta
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subject – Science Grade Level – 4

Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills Standards:

    6(B) Translate geographic data into a variety of formats such as data for graphs and maps

Objective (purpose):

    The student will be able to recognize where butterflies fly when the seasons change. Also, they will be able to explain how the butterflies can live either long or short term in changing seasons.


    Tell the students to take a seat and be quiet. Tape a big piece of butcher paper divided into three columns to the white erase board, so the students can see and predict the lesson topic. The columns will be labeled with three initials (KWL – Know, Want to Know, and Learned). As you explain the chart, the students will have their journals out on their desks to take notes (“draw the chart and fill it out as we go”).


    Ask the students to brainstorm anything they know about Monarch butterfly migration. The teacher will be in front of the chart to write down the information the students know under the “K”. The students will write down the information that the students and the teacher shares with them. For example: Monarchs lay their eggs on Milkweed plants; each female butterfly can lay hundreds of eggs. After writing down the “knows,” ask the students to tell you what they will want to know or learn about migration and write it under the “W” (want to know).

Method of Explanation:

    Once the class is done discussing what they already know and what they want to learn, put out maps of where the Monarch butterflies migrate and in what season. After the class analyzes the maps, go back to the KWL chart to fill out the “L” (learned) from the discussion.

Learning Activities/Reinforcement and individual assessment:

    While finishing the discussion over the map, hand out a short questionnaire (below) about both of the migrations; fall and spring. Each partner will get a paper to fill out on what they learned. This will help assess what they learned and if they paid attention.


    Pass out the paper and get them started. They can work on the quiz with their teammate.


  1. One way movement is called ___________________.
  2. While migrating, who lays the eggs during the summer_______________?
  3. During the spring which direction do the butterflies move__________________.
  4. During the winter where do the butterflies go to____________________?
  5. Are butterflies hot-blooded or cold-blooded? (Circle one)
  6. The summer generation lives longer than the overwinter generation?
    True or False (Circle one)


  1. Emigration
  2. Female
  3. North
  4. South, California Coast and Rocky Mountains
  5. Cold-blooded
  6. False

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