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This is a Rain Forest song


Music, Science, Social Studies  


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Title – Rain Forests – a song of celebration!
By – Mary Flynn
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects – Science, Music
Grade Level – 1-3

You may find this song to be helpful in teaching about the Rain Forest:
Rain Forests
(Sung to: Up On the Housetop)
Guitar/Autoharp Chords are: “G” “C” “F”

I know a place and it’s not near,
Animals, insects and plants live here.
Rain Forests are so far away,
They’re getting smaller every day.

Trees cut down ~ more and more,
Cut for money, that’s what for!
We have to stop this right away,
Think of tomorrow ~ not today!

Trees cut down ~ every day
Creatures homes are taken away!
This is the thing we must avoid.
Having these creatures’ homes destroyed!

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