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This is a lesson plan on tornadoes and their location


Science, Social Studies  




Title – Tornadoes
By – Mr. Johnson
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects – Science
Grade Level – 3rd


      1.  The students will know about natural disasters.


      2.  The students will learn what storms and tornadoes are.


    3.  The student will know what tornado alley is.

“ALCOS” The Alabama Course of Study:

      1.  Science 35. Recognize geographic weather patterns.


      2.  Science 36. Recognize effects of weather.


    3.  Social Studies 4. Describe the natural environment of North America.


      1.  Students: Crayons, And Construction Paper


    2.  Teacher: Bottle Tornadoes


      1.  Teacher asks: Do you know all the different types of storms? Which storm is the Worse?


    2.  The teacher will introduce the concept of tornadoes.

Instructional Procedures:

      1.  Tell the student that they are going to learn about tornadoes.


      2.  Ask the students if they have any personal stories about tornadoes.


      3.  Only let three students speak.


      4.  Give the students a formal definition of what a tornado is.


      5.  Tell the students that there are five categories of tornadoes.


      6.  Tell about each category.


      7.  Go over safety tips.


      8.  Review the different natural disasters close to home or other states.


      9.  Tell the students the region of tornado alley.


      10.  Let the students know that Alabama (your state) is (is/is not) in high risk for tornadoes.


    11.  Tell the season of tornadoes.


      1.  Bring out the water tornadoes and let the students see how a tornado is formed.


    2.  Give an existence review on tornadoes, and places where they usually hit.


      1.  Have the student to do and art project.


      2.  Have the students put at least 3 things they have learned on their art project.


    3.  Teacher Observation.

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