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This idea is for studying other countries and is called “See The World”


Social Studies  


7, 8, 9, 10  


Title – See the World!
By – Jennifer Jury
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 7-10
See the world!

You have been given the money to travel to any country in the world! After you choose a country, plan for your trip by using encyclopedia and/or Internet resources to locate information and become a prepared tourist. Fill in all the information on the “Tourist Fact Sheet” for the country that you will visit.

Suggested countries to visit:
Brazil, Kenya, China, Spain, Australia, India, France, Colombia, Russia, Canada, England, Switzerland, etc.

Tourist Fact Sheet

Country to be visited: ___________________________

Current Population:                                         
Official Language(s):

1. Will you need to change your money to a different currency? If so, what currency, and what will be the exchange rate?

2. How should you dress while you’re in the country? (Think about the weather, customs, etc.)

3. What popular native foods might you eat while you’re there?

4. What Famous places or landmarks might you visit?

5. Draw and color the Flag:

6. Choose one of the following ways to record your trip:

· Write a postcard for each day that you are visiting the country (minimum of 3 days). Include details about what you have seen, eaten, etc.

· Make a travel brochure for the country you visit

· Write a journal entry for each day that you are visiting the country (minimum of three days). Include details about what you have seen, eaten, etc.

· Write a one-page newspaper or magazine article about your visit to the country.

· Write an informative essay about the country.

· Make up your own idea (it must be approved by the teacher).

You should use all of the information that you gather on your fact sheet to do the writing assignment. Describe the places that you visited. Tell us what you ate. Explain how your visit sounded, smelled, tasted, and what it felt like, etc. Help those of us who have not “visited” the country imagine what your trip was like!

Have a nice trip!

(Teachers should create a rubric to grade student projects. Although these will vary based on the grade level of the students and the activity chosen, some ideas for grading include quantity/quality of research, accuracy of information, visual appeal of display, organization, neatness, and mechanics.)

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