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This is an economics lesson about services in our community


Social Studies  




Title – Services in our Community
By – Courtney
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Grade Level – 2

TEKS: (2.9) Economics.

      The student understands the importance of work. The student is expected to:


      (A) Explain how work provides income to purchase goods and services


    (B) Explain the choices people in the United States’ free enterprise system can make about earning, spending, and saving money, and where to live and to work.

Learning Objectives:

      The student will be able to:


      1. Understand the meaning of the word tax


      2. Explain how taxes are used to pay for services provided by the community


    3. Explain how many workers in our community have things in common

List of Materials needed:

      1. Tax definition


      2. white paper


    3. markers or crayons

Pre-Activity Preparation:

    On the board should be written: doctor, plumber, barber, teacher, bus driver, and librarian.


      The students need to stay in their own (clear) desks.


      Consequences: Move clips,


    Rewards: No homework that day.

Establishing Set/Motivation/Introduction:

    I will ask two random students what their parents do for work. Then I will talk about how their parents contribute to our community.

Learning Experiences/Presentation/Procedure:

      1. Introduction


      2. I will have the student take turns reading the story in their school History book.


      3. After a couple pages, I will ask the students:

Are teachers the only workers in our school? Who are some other workers that provide services in our school? Who pays taxes? How do taxes help us?

      4. I will have them continue reading their stories and then I will ask:

Why do you think many service workers wear a special uniform? If you could be a service worker which one would you be? Why? What do you and your family depend on your community for? What do you depend on your family for?

      5. Hand out a plain piece of paper and instruct them to get out markers or crayons.


      6. Tell them to write about a random community worker (what their job is, what their uniform looks like, etc.) on the right side of their page.


      7. After that, have them draw and color a picture of that community worker, on the left side of their paper.


    8. Closure


      Have a few students present their drawings. Then ask students:

What people provide protection and help you when you get hurt? Why is it good that we have taxes?

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