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Sioux Indian village dioramas are the outcome of this lesson


Social Studies  



Title – Places and regions of the Sioux Indians
By – Cindy Waller
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Grade Level – 3rd grade

1. Concept — Places and regions of the Sioux Indians

2. Alabama Course of Study

    #5 Relate the elements of geography to the time of the early Native Americans. (Places and regions)

3. Behavioral Objectives

    TSWBAT relate the elements of geography to the time of the early Native Americans.

4. Materials

  • …If You Lived With the Sioux Indians
  • shoe box for each student
  • construction paper
  • sticks and/or twigs
  • fabric of different colors
  • crayons and markers
  • feathers
  • glue
  • any other materials the students want to bring (using discretion)

5. Teaching/Learning Procedures

    a. Motivation

    • Tap into students’ prior knowledge. Ask: What are Native Americans? Are the Sioux Indians Native Americans? How do you think the Sioux Indians lived? What do you think they looked like? What did they eat?

    b. Instructional Procedures

    • Introduce the book …If You Lived With the Sioux Indians .
    • Have the students make some predictions about the book. Just as they did in the motivation. Ask the students what kinds of things that the Native Americans did that are still the same now?
    • After reading, encourage students to compare their predictions to what actually happened.
    • Introduce students to a diorama. Let them know they will be creating their own version of a Sioux village. Go back over any aspects of the book that may help them in their creativity of their villages.
    • Distribute the shoeboxes and materials. Let the student’s experiment and experience with the villages.

    c. Closure

    • Have students show their diorama to the class and talk about what they put in their village.
    • Have students write in their daily journals about what they learned.

6. Evaluation

  • Student participation in creating and showing their diorama.
  • Use teacher observation during journal writing.
  • Set aside time at the end of the lesson to allow for volunteers to share their feelings.

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