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This lesson plan is on Society and Social Groups


Social Studies  



Title – Social Groups
By – Bryan Mallette
Subject – Social Studies
Grade Level – Senior High
Teacher: Bryan Mallette
Grade: 12
Unit Topic: Society
Lesson Topic: Social Groups
Teaching Method Used: Cooperative Learning

Lesson Outcomes: Students will be able to:

1. Identify differing social groups within a culture.
2. Empathize with the challenges faced by specific social groups.
3. Comprehend complex concepts which impact particular social groups.

Equipment and supplies needed:

1. Chalk
2. Chalkboard
3. Overhead projector
4. Dry erase markers
5. Overhead plastic sheets
6. Paper
7. Pencil/pen

Anticipatory Set:

The anticipatory set for this lesson will begin by dividing the students up into 5 groups. The students will brainstorm in their groups as many different social groups as they can possibly think of in five minutes.

Sequence of learning events:

1. Break into groups
2. Give students directions about brainstorming
3. Make list on board of all different groups
4. Assign each group one social group to role play
5. Groups have 10 minutes to discuss as many facets of that group as they know
6. Discuss with class as a whole the different groups
7. Conclusion

The lesson will close with the students having an open discussion about the differences and similarities of all of the groups. What sets the groups apart? What do they all have in common?

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