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This is a lesson on Spanish colonization of “New Spain” in respect to the slave trade


Social Studies  




Title – Spanish and Africans in the New America
By – Naomi Franklin
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Grade Level – 5
Teaching Strategy: Whole Group
Time: 45 minutes

Note from This lesson depends on a “lesson on new people in America on tape.” Even if you do not have access to this tape, there are still other good ideas in this lesson you might find helpful to use.


    Students learn the reason why Spanish soldiers, missionaries, and settlers, and African Americans came to the New Spain.

Alabama Course of Study:

      # 9 Describe the impact of the early European exploration and settlement on Native American cultures.


      # 10 Analyze the English settlement of North America.


    # 17 Discuss colonial trade routes and their impact on society.

Behavioral Objectives:

      1.  Summarize the changes Spanish Colonization brought to New Spain.


      2.  Compare and contrast the treatment of slaves in Africa, Europe, and New Spain.


      3.  Define vocabulary: missionary, colony, colonists, plantation


    4.  Describe movement of the Colombian Exchange


      Social Studies text per student


      Tape recorder


      Lesson on New people in America on tape




      Social Studies notebook


      Copy of world map per student


    1 Large cloth map that everyone can view

Teaching/Learning Procedures:

      A.  Motivation

        Ask students, What brings people to a new place to live?

      B.  Instructional Procedures

        1.  Discuss why Spanish and African people came to the New America.


        2.  As students read along in their book, they will listen to the New People in America on tape.


        3.  Ask, “Who did the most work building New Spain?” “How did the Indians and Spanish use the land of the Southwest?” “How did the slave traders meet the growing demand for African slaves?” “How would you feel and react if you were made to be a slave?”


        4.  Students will write the answers in their Social Studies notebook.


      5.  Have students examine the map of the products produced in Spain and decide which products were the most important to the Spanish. On their individual maps, have students use route arrows to show movement of the trade and write the foods that were exchanged on it.

    C.  Closure

      Students will write a speech that will convince the Spanish king to pass laws for the humane treatment of the native people. Students will play the role of the Spanish friar who tried to protect the Indians.


    Students will write in their own words what life was like during that time. Have students do a comprehension worksheet the next day. Take up maps.

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