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This is a game of Stump the Teacher – Latin American Version


Social Studies  



Title – Stump the Teacher – Latin American Version
By – Andrew Akers
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Grade Level – 7
Unit Title – Age of Revolution

Standard 7-3:

    The student will demonstrate an understanding of political, social, and economic upheavals that occurred throughout the world during the age of revolution, from 1770 through 1848.


    7-3.3 Compare the development of Latin American independence movements, including the Haitian revolution, the role of Simón Bolívar in different independence movements, and the role of Father Miguel Hidalgo in the Mexican Revolution of 1810. (P, H, G)

Materials Needed:

  • Workbook
  • Smart board
  • Playing cards
  • PowerPoint
  • Paper

Lesson Plan Components:



              Introduce where we have been and where we are going.          
    5 minutes
Instructional Design:

              Get students in five groups of four. Groups are selected by passing out playing cards and matching numbers. They must come up with at least five questions to stump the teacher. Students will be working in workbooks. pp. 107 – 110
    20 minutes
              Groups will try to stump the teacher. Winner gets tootsie rolls
    25 minutes
              Ask questions for understanding          
    5 minutes


      Formal: Questions from students

    Informal: Questions at end

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