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This lesson compares the cultures and feelings of Native Americans and Pilgrims


Social Studies  



Title – Indians/Thanksgiving
By – Bonnie Powell
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Grade Level – Kindergarten
Teaching Strategy: whole
Time: 30 min.

Concepts to be taught:

    Considering the rights, ideas, and feelings of others. Develop an understanding of different cultures through the exploration of holidays, customs, and traditions.

Behavioral Objectives:

      At the conclusion of this lesson,

      the students will be able to:

      1. Demonstrate characteristics of the Indian and Pilgrim culture.

    2. Discuss the feelings of the Indians and the Pilgrims.

Alabama Course of Study:

      Objective one, ALCOS #36-Build an understanding of different cultures through the exploration of holidays, customs, and traditions.
    Objective two, ALCOS #7-Exhibit behaviors that are part of responsible civic life in the school setting resulting in harmonious and socially satisfying relationships with others.



The Thanksgiving Story

    by Alice Dalgliesh. Words for pocket chart: Mayflower, Speedwell, settlers, Indians, corn, Samoset, Squanto, Pilgrims, and fertilizer. Blank paper and crayons.

Teaching/Learning Process:

      A. Motivation:

        Have students come to the carpeted area. Ask the students, “What do you know about Indians and Pilgrims?” Write their answers on the board. Ask the students, “What do you want to know about the Indians and the Pilgrims?”

      B. Instructional Procedures:

        Read the book

The Thanksgiving Story

        , throughout the story stop and discuss what the Pilgrims are going through. Also talk about the various words in the pocket chart. Towards the end of the book ask the students, “How would you feel if you were the Indians? Would you be scared of the Pilgrims?”

    C. Closure:

      When the story is finished have a group discussion on what we thought Indians and Pilgrims were like and what they were really like. Also review what we wanted to learn about the Indians and Pilgrims. When discussion is done have the students go back to their seat and draw a picture to represent what they think it was like during this time period.


    The students will be evaluated based on observation and discussion.

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