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In this lesson, students learn about the Sioux Indians and make tortilla teepees


Social Studies  



Title – The Sioux Indians
By – Kerri Byrd
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Grade Level – 3rd
Time Required – 1 hour

I. Concepts: The Sioux Indians (Social Studies)

II. Alabama Course of Study Correlation:

      a. Social Studies #5: “

Relate the elements of geography to the time of the early Native Americans


        – The world in spatial terms

        – Places and regions

        – Environment and society

        – Human systems

        – Physical systems

        – Uses of geography

      b. Social Studies # 6: “

Compare different groups of Native Americans.

      c. Social Studies #7: “

Relate the movement of various Native American groups to features of the natural environment.

      d. Social Studies #8: “

Describe how the natural environment influenced the development of Native American cultures.

III. Behavioral Objectives:

    The students will be able to understand and comprehend the difference in the Sioux Indians, and how they lived, how they worked, along with the different jobs the children had to carry out, and how they used the environment to survive. The students will also make a “Tortilla teepee” out of a soft-shell taco.

IV. Materials:

      1. The book to read aloud “

If you lived with the Sioux Indians


      2. Social Studies Book (3rd grade)

      3. Tortillas (cut in half)

      4. Toothpicks

      5. Pretzel Sticks

      6. Vanilla Icing

      7. Paper Plates

      8. Food Coloring (Diluted with water)

      9. Crayons

      10. Paintbrushes

      11. Hot Glue (For Teacher use only)

    12. Glue Gun (For Teacher use only)

V Teaching / Learning Procedures:

      A. Motivation: I will get the students on the carpet area and read “

If you lived with the Sioux Indians

      ” aloud.

      B. Instructional Procedures:

        1. I will ask the students how would they have survived with the Sioux Indians.

        2. Then I will discuss pages 67-77 in their Social Studies textbook.

        3. I will ask the students how would the Sioux Indians survive.

        4. How did they live?

        5. How did they live off the land?

        6. What did they make their cloths from?

        7. How and what did they eat?

        8. What kind of jobs did the children have?

        9. I will discuss the different cultures that the Indians have.

        10. I will show the students what the Indians lived in, and tell the students that this is what we are going to make (Tortilla Teepee)

        11. I will pass out all the materials that each student will need to make their teepees.

        12. Then I will have the students color and cut some landforms to go around the teepee on the plate.

        13. Then I will have the students paint with food coloring on the teepees.

      14. Then the students will bring everything up and I will hot glue the teepee to their plate.

    C. Closure: The students will display and talk about their Indian settings.

VI. Evaluation: Teacher observation and student participation.

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