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This lesson explores the concept of timelines.


Social Studies  




Title – Timelines
By – Ashleigh Green
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Grade Level – 5

Teaching Strategy: Teaching timelines
Time Required: 60 minutes

I. Concepts:

      Exploring the concept of timelines.

II. Behavioral Objectives:

      The students will be able to recognize timelines and identify the time periods of events throughout history.

III. Alabama Course of Study:

      # 2 Read, interpret, and organize information using a variety of sources and tools.

IV. Materials:

      Overhead Projector


      Transparencies with timelines


      Art Supplies


      Art Paper




      Students Social Studies folder


      Social Studies text book

V. Teaching/Learning Procedures

      a. Motivation

        I will introduce the concept of timelines and put a picture of a timeline onto the overhead projector. The timeline has many different pictures that should draw the student’s eyes.


      b. Instructional Procedures

        1. Explain to the class that a timeline is a calendar of events and that it makes it easy to see the order in which events occurred.


        2. Students define and discuss the four vocabulary words that correlate with the lesson.


        3. Allow the students to examine the horizontal timeline on the overhead.


        4. Explain what a decade, century, and millennium are relating to the timeline.


        5. Hand out the art paper and supplies and instruct the class to make their own timeline of their lives beginning when they are born (remind the class that they can be as creative as they like).


        6. Have students include if their lives have spanned over a decade, century, or millennium (this allows the teacher to see if they understand the timeline concepts).


      c. Closure

        I will inform the class to complete the Understand the Process questions in their textbooks relating to the topic of timelines. The work should be completed in their social studies notebooks. They should begin the work when they finish their timelines. If they do not finish the questions in class, it should be completed for homework.

VI. Evaluation:

      I will evaluate the students by checking their timelines as they complete them in class. If their timelines are completed, they will receive a 5/5, for participation. The following day I will check the answers to the homework questions from their social studies notebook.

VII. Professional Reflection:

      1. Did the class seem to learn anything from this lesson?


      2. Did the class enjoy the activity?


      3. Was there enough time?


    4. Would I ever consider doing this lesson again?

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