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Here is another lesson idea on transportation


Social Studies  



Title – Transportation
By – Paul Stewart
Subject – Social Studies
Grade Level – 2nd

On The Go- Big Book (20 min.)
2nd Grade Lesson

· -To reinforce what transportation is and install new ideas of how different people move themselves and their possessions.
· -People all over the world travel, using many different methods.

· -Word web of, “Ways we travel.” on butcher paper or white board.
· -Show the different objects to give examples of transportation.
. -Have different types of transportation (toys) and pics for visual
1. Introduce big book about travel.
2. Introduce author and illustrator, go over parts of book.
3. Pause after each page to reflect on different types of transportation
they learned.

1. Add to word web.
Students will draw and write about a type of transportation they learned about in the book.

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