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Another Transportation lesson called “Land, Air, or Water?”


Social Studies  



Title – Land, Air, or Water?
By – Mollie Tucker
Subject – Social Studies
Grade Level – Kindergarten
Transportation Unit

Purpose of Activity:
To know the difference between air, water, and land transportation.

Lesson Objectives:
TLW be able to distinguish between land, air, and water transportation.
TLW recognize different modes of transportation when being read a story.
TLW be able to place different modes of transportation under the correct category-land, air, or water.

Suggested Age:

Brief Description of Activity/Concepts:
Read book Dumbo on Land on Sea in the Air to class. Children will place objects on felt board according to category-land, air, or water-as indicated.

Materials Needed:
1. Book identifying different types of transportation.
2. Felt board
3. Air, water, and land transportation pieces covered with felt

1. Read book and have children identify the different forms of air, water, and land transportation.
2. Have students discuss the story, recalling the different modes of transportation seen and what others could have been used.
3. Students identify mode of transportation, placing it in the correct category on the felt board as a form of assessment.

Questions for Reflection:
1. Name some of the different kinds of air transportation? water? land?
2. Compare and contrast the different modes of transportation.
3. Tell some modes of transportation that could be used given different scenarios, for example, what would be the best way to travel from your house to the local grocery store?

Walters, Jerry. Dumbo on Land on Sea in the Air. Random House: NY,

Assessment Strategies:
1. Listen to and observe children as they discuss the story, and the different modes of transportation used.
2. Observe children as they place different modes of transportation in the correct categories-air, water, or land.

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